Ten-day Brain Restoration for Addiction, Burnout/Chronic Stress and PTSD.

We Utilize NTR Brain Restoration as the First Step in Recovery.


Our clients report:

  • elimination of cravings,

  • relief from anxiety and depression,

  • improved mental clarity,

  • increased optimism and a sense of well being.

  • commitment to long term recovery


For Information or to Schedule a Confidential Consultation, Call 770-817-0711 or Contact Us.

Who Dat! 2015 Welcomes Master Coach Mike Reis to the ExecuCare Team.

10DayDetoxButton ExecuCare's program starts with a 10-Day neurotransmitter restoration and detox. It utilizes a special formula of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors, which repairs the damage done to the brain as a result of chronic use. Read More
Outpatient Button Our clients receive a thorough life evaluation to develop an individualized, “next steps” coaching plan. This detailed plan will determine the appropriate needs of each of our clients for the sixty-day ExecuCare aftercare program and beyond. Read More
CravingFreeButtonElimination of Cravings is regularly reported by our clients who complete the NTR protocol. They also report a dramatic increase in mental clarity and a renewed optimism about engaging in the next steps of their recovery process. Read More

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