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Addiction Treatment Program: Getting Started

ExecuCare’s addiction treatment program staff is on call 24 hours a day. When you call, we will talk with you about the scope of the problems you are experiencing and complete a general assessment. We will also answer any questions you may have about the disease of addiction. And we can discuss how our nutritionally assisted detox helps free our clients from the physiological controls of addiction, so they are clear, motivated and ready to complete our coaching program that’s designed to facilitate continuing sobriety.

Next Steps

The next step will be to schedule a visit to our facility and a detailed assessment consultation with our intake coordinator. We will discuss what is going on in your life, describe our treatment process, answer any additional questions that you may have, show you our facilities ( in-person or by Skype), arrange your physical exam with our medical director, discuss payment options and schedule your 10-day program at ExecuCare.

Our addiction treatment program begins with nutritionally assisted detox. Before scheduling treatment, our medical team will take a complete medical history, give you a physical exam, and do the necessary lab work to determine the treatment plan. Comfortable Treatment Room at ExecuCare

When treatment begins,  a registered nurse, under doctor’s orders, will administer the customized oral and IV protocol. The nutritional detox is delivered to a client in a private room while they relax in a comfortable lounge chair. During this time, they are able to watch television, read or work. The recovery coaching program is started on day seven, during the second half of the detox protocol.

What To Bring

When you come for treatment you may bring your laptop and anything else for your comfort (iPod, iPad, movies, books, headsets, eye pillows, favorite blanket and pillow, etc.).  Please wear comfortable clothing so that you can feel at home in your private room. Each room is equipped with a recliner, TV with satellite channels, DVD player, Wi-Fi and desk. At the end of the day you will return to your home/hotel nearby.

Where to Stay

During our outpatient, addiction detox treatment, you have the choice to stay at home (if you are a local) or in a hotel. We have relationships with local hotels that provide accommodations for our out-of-town clients or for those local clients seeking a change of environment during their 10-day detox. If needed ExecuCare can arrange transportation from the airport to our center, which is north of Atlanta. We do require that there be a family member or friend available to stay with you when you leave our center each evening to provide support during the detox period.


Often the alcohol or drug addicted person does not feel the need to seek treatment, even though his or her family, friends, or employer are well aware of the need for it. If you are interested in the services of an interventionist to help you get someone you care about into recovery before more damage has been done, we can make recommendations to you.


ExecuCare accepts cash and all major credit cards for your NTR Brain Restoration IV Program. ExecuCare has also partnered with MyTreatmentLender.com to provide loan programs for those clients needing assistance.  ExecuCare does not accept third party reimbursement. However, we can provide you with an insurance advocate who will submit our super bill to your insurance company, if you have coverage. We also accept funds from flexible spending accounts.



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