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Are Drugs to Blame?

A tragic story the made headlines in September 2010 around the country makes you wonder if drugs are to blame:

Brian and Erin Wood were driving across Washington State, visiting relatives, when a car suddenly lost control and swerved into oncoming traffic in front of the couple’s car. What would have been a head-on collision, most likely killing both Erin, Brian, and their unborn son, was averted when Brian slammed on the breaks and swerved the car to have the impact only be on his side. In taking the brunt of it, Brian was killed; but because of his last minute decision, he saved his wife and unborn son. This story is heartbreaking in the love, bravery, and selflessness that this man showed for his wife and son, who was due to be born two months later.

The driver of the oncoming car was 21 year old Jordyn Weichert, who loss control of the car while trying to take off her sweater. There were three other people in the car with her, and the two boys in the back where both killed in the collision. As reported by MSNBC, police found in the car heroin, cocaine, marijuana, syringes, and .25 pistol.

For many in the addiction field, the question is, how does this happen? And how can this be avoided? It is a stark reminder of the effects that drugs and alcohol can have in a community. It makes one stress the need for stronger prevention and intervention tools, especially for our youth; and a call for better availability of comprehensive treatment options.

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