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Brain Health: What are Signs of Burnout?

Burnout affects the biochemistry of the brain, which is why NTR Brain Restoration has shown successful in addressing it.Burnout can occur from a wide variety of life and career choices. It happens when the demands of your life outweigh the resources you have to be able to handle the stresses in your life. Exhaustion from years of stressful living, brings you to the point of feeling foggy, overwhelmed by life, and lacking enthusiasm towards things you were once passionate about.

Crazy schedules and stress put a person at risk for not living balanced and not practicing self-care. Both of which put a person at risk for burnout. I’ve found type A personalities to be especially susceptible. And burnout doesn’t just pose a threat to your work performance, it can also be damaging to your health, relationships, and your overall happiness. Read more


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