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Chronic pain

Chronic Pain Management: Prescription Painkillers Fall Short

ChronicPainManagementWhat do you do about chronic pain management when prescription drugs fall short? Right now there are about five to eight million people in the U.S. that use prescription drugs to manage chronic pain. And yet there is insufficient evidence to show that long-term use of opioid therapy is effective at improving chronic pain, function or quality of life. In fact a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine tells us that prescription painkillers may not be the most effective treatment for chronic pain. Meanwhile the rate of abuse is dramatically increasing.

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Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is often experienced with other symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression or irritability, all of which can interfere with the body’s production of natural painkillers and increase the signals that amplify pain.What is chronic pain? Chronic pain can exist in many forms. It can be mild or unbearable. It can come in spurts or be continuous. It can also range from being an inconvenience to being debilitating. Typically, it’s categorized as pain that lasts longer than three to six months. Read more


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