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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Outpatient Detox in New Orleans: Is it Right for You?

Should you chose inpatient or outpatient detox in New Orleans? Don’t avoid drug or alcohol detox like it’s a canal filled with giant nutria.Should you choose an inpatient or an outpatient detox in New Orleans? Don’t avoid drug or alcohol detox like it’s a canal filled with giant nutria. There are options, such as NTR outpatient detox, that will work with your busy life. First of all, remember: this is not a one shoe fits all situation! You have to decide what type of drug or alcohol detoxification is going to work for you. Some people thrive in the traditional, lock-down, inpatient detox treatment facility, while others don’t. Outpatient detox is often more conducive to the schedule of a business professional.   Read more

Cold Turkey or Painless Detox in Atlanta?

We know you want to be DONE. But there are advantages to a painless detox in Atlanta vs. going cold turkey. Feeling like you're stuck on I-285? We can help!When it’s time for treatment – what do you choose: cold turkey or a painless detox in Atlanta? It’s hard enough figuring out that you need a little help getting control of your drug or alcohol situation. Then you come to find out that there are many more choices than you realized for getting that help. And before you know it, you feel like you made the mistake of taking I-285 at 4p.m., stuck bumper to bumper.

Let’s help get you out of some frustrating traffic by talking drug and alcohol detox options. We get the logic behind the cold turkey method of quitting drugs or alcohol. When you want to be done with something, you want to be DONE. You want to brush your hands free of it and walk away. And for some people this works. They put it down, they walk away, and they begin what will be their successful recovery. But it doesn’t work for everybody. Read more


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