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Recovery in New Orleans: Giving up Booze after Mardi Gras

Recovery in New Orleans after Mardi Gras: the Boeuf Gras float has passed, Rex toasted, and the King Cake is gone, are you unable to end the party?This is the time of year that Recovery in New Orleans discusses giving up booze after Mardi Gras. Not only is it the end of an indulgent time of year for the city and its people, but for some it marks the beginning of Lent when they try (and in the past often failed) to quit alcohol on their on. If you keep finding yourself in this cycle, read on to discover how to obtain a healthy recovery in New Orleans. Read more

Sober Dating in Atlanta

Sober dating in Atlanta could include a walk on the BeltLine or a bike ride in Piedmont Park. Are you ready to mingle in your new life? Here are some tips:Sober dating in Atlanta doesn’t have to be as daunting as it might sound to some. If you follow some simple guidelines and steer clear of situations your sober self isn’t quite ready for, you could be well on your way to enjoying a relationship in this new, healthy time in your life, free from the strains of drugs or alcohol. Read more

What is the Most Successful Addiction Recovery Program?

"The most successful addiction recovery program is the one that works for you," says ExecuCare Founder Mike Sanders. "And it's not the same for everybody." NTR broke the cycle of dependency and allowed him an entry point into the recovery process.What is the most successful addiction recovery program? “The most successful addiction recovery program is the one that works for you,” says ExecuCare Founder Mike Sanders. “And it’s not the same for everybody.” He has a personal take on what a successful recovery is. This January marks his ten-year sober anniversary. And he knows it’s that time of year when many of you are trying your hardest to enter into a successful recovery. He’s been there. Just know that you are not alone, and your hope for a drug or alcohol-free future is possible. Read more

New Year! How to Quit Drugs and Alcohol

Here are a few tips to help you rethink how to quit drugs and alcohol:You need to address it on multiple levels. This is why we use NTR as a first step. It immediately addresses the physical problem and relieves cravings. We then have you work with a master coach to learn ways and develop tools to manage the particular challenges that you face on a daily basis and in the larger scheme of life. Leave no rock unturned!It seems like a simple question: how to quit drugs and alcohol? But it’s not that simple. Some people can put down drugs or alcohol and walk away. Some are able to go cold turkey when they’ve decided that drugs and alcohol are disrupting their lives. But for many, they try to go cold turkey and find themselves right back to their old habits. Do you keep ending up in the same place, repeating the same habits, making the same promises? If so, you might need to readjust the way you think in order to understand how to quit drugs and alcohol. Read more

How to Stay Sober for the Holidays?

How to stay sober for the holidays? If you need someone to talk to, feel free to contact any of our addiction specialists: 877-276-2224.How to stay sober for the holidays? The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. This is especially true for those in recovery. Whether you’re new to sobriety or well-established, there are some strategies to help you stay sober for the holidays.

Crazy in-laws, stressful family dynamics and multiple parties often with drugs or alcohol present, could be a recipe for disaster. But remember these tips to help you stay sober this Thanksgiving: Read more

Red Flags: What Should You Watch for in Early Recovery?

One of the biggest difficulties in early recovery is dealing with cravings. Address your cravings with programs like NTR Brain Restoration. What are other red flags?What should you look out for in early recovery? It’s important to understand that undergoing any sort of tratment for drug or alcohol abuse is only the first step. Recovery is an ongoing process, one that needs to be continually monitored. How you decide to track your progress varies based on what works best for you. But there are some keys scenerios to look out for that may indicate your recovery has hit some shaky ground. Read more

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