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Recognize Any of these Easy to Miss Signs of a Drinking Problem?

What defines a drinking problem isn’t always clear cut and often depends on the individual. We live in a drinking culture. drinkingproblemSocial events, after work happy hours and client dinners, and sporting events are all places where the lines of what is acceptable alcohol consumption are often blurred. Casual drinking can sometimes turn into alcohol abuse without someone even realizing it. Some of the signs of a drinking problem can be subtle and easy to miss. See if you recognize any of them:


  1. Unable to just have one. Yes, occasionally a night we thought was going to be just grab one turns into an all night affair. But if on a regular basis you find that you are unable to stick to limits you set for yourself, you may have a problem.
  2. You neglect responsibilities or routines after a night of drinking. Occasionally blowing stuff off because of a late night happens sometimes, but if it becomes a regular thing for you it might be a warning sign that you’re drinking too much.
  3. Your life centers around alcohol. All of your plans involve alcohol. And your main activity to relieve stress is with alcohol, even if it means drinking it alone.
  4. You’re constantly doing damage control. After a night of drinking are you looking for lost items or apologizing for things you did or said. You might also notice that relationships are struggling or your work is suffering.
  5. You may notice your tolerance has increased and you can drink more than you used to. You may also experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink.
  6. Another significant sign is if you start sneaking alcohol. If you feel like you have to hide how much you drink, it might be a sign that there is a larger issue you aren’t addressing.

If any of these signs resonate with you or a loved one, reach out to one of our specialists to help get things back under control. One simple way to evaluate the situation is ask yourself, is alcohol in any way impairing my life. If the answer is yes, give us call.

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