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ExecuCare’s Dr. Jacquie Damgaard Discusses NTR Brain Restoration on The Micheal Hilton Radio Show!

It's a “fascinating, amazing breakthrough program in addiction detox,” Dr. Damgaard said of NTR Brain Restoration. "We have learned a lot about what it takes to actually rebalance the brain.”On June 24th, ExecuCare’s Dr. Jacquie Damgaard discussed “NTR Brain Restoration: Breakthrough in Long-Term Recovery” on  The Micheal Hilton Health and Recovery Radio Show. It’s a “fascinating, amazing breakthrough program in addiction detox,” Dr. Damgaard said of NTR Brain Restoration. “It’s remarkable when you witness someone going through the program. There’s nothing subtle about it.”

“I was completely amazed,” she continued, “I would be sitting with people and basically I’d be saying, ‘Now tell me again, you were doing what three weeks ago?’ And they’d be telling me you know about all the alcohol and drugs and drug issues they’d had, then in ten short days they had completely cleared their nervous system. They were without cravings anymore. They were excited. They could think again. And then I watched how amazingly efficient the coaching was because they were really focused, really excited and really on it.”

“There are tremendous breakthroughs in neuroscience going on right now on a daily basis. And one of the things that we have learned about the brain is that when people have long-term chronic use of  alcohol or drugs there are very predictable, even measurable brain changes that happen,” Dr. Damgaard explained. “Fortunately, [these changes] are not permanent. Fortunately, they  are reversible. And we now have learned a lot about what it takes to actually rebalance the brain.”

Later in the show we heard from Rick, who spoke with us while he was half-way through the NTR protocol: “I was an alcohol and addict from my early teens until the age of 31. And I went through traditional, inpatient rehab. I was really lucky, I had all of the things going for me that you possibly could. I still had a very successful career and was financially stable. I had an extended and packed nuclear family that was unbelievably supportive. I had terrific professional guidance. I did embrace the Big Book and 12 Steps…I had developed a monstrous heroin habit. I had actually managed to get clean and stay clean but the majority of the energy during the first two years after I got dry, so to speak, was almost entirely dedicated to fighting either the cravings or the depression or the [feeling] that I just didn’t feel right.”

After being clean for seventeen years, Rick began having trouble with abusing pain medication. When he reached out to Dr. Damgaard she recommended he go through the NTR Brain Restoration protocol. Rick agreed. “I didn’t expect all that much to be different than what I’d gone through  when I originally got clean. And I have to say, honestly right now, six days into this process, the physical craving is gone completely. .. And there’s a level of clarity and just balance that I haven’t experienced in a long time.”

To hear more from Dr. Damgaard or Rick, tune into the podcast below or listen to it here. Click here to learn more about NTR Brain Restoration.

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