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What does ExecuCare offer?
ExecuCare offers a revolutionary approach to freedom from addiction. We administer an all- natural Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR) treatment that utilizes a special formula of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors, which are administered intravenously and orally over a 10-day period by a registered nurse, under doctor’s orders.

NTR is the process by which the brain’s neurotransmitter receptors are brought back into balance, allowing the brain to function as it did prior to physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. Clients report elimination of cravings and minimal withdrawal symptoms.
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What makes ExecuCare different from other alcohol and drug treatment programs?
Most treatment centers today are based on the 12- step approach to addiction and concentrate solely on the psychological and social aspects of the disease. ExecuCare is the first recovery center in the state of Georgia to focus on the physical damage that has been done to the brain through the chronic use of drugs or alcohol.
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Why is ExecuCare an effective alternative for business professionals?
ExecuCare understands the challenges faced by busy professionals. Most traditional addiction recovery programs can be lengthy and disruptive to a person’s career and family life. ExecuCare’s discreet, “outpatient” process lasts only ten days and allows clients to return home or to their hotel at night. While receiving the NTR IV-drip, clients can relax in a room equipped with a flat screen television, DVD player, a wide selection of movies, satellite channels, and iPods. The client can also choose to work and utilize wireless internet access, a conference room or a private office. For the majority of our clients, withdrawal symptoms are minimal, and most will experience significant reduction in or complete removal of cravings within a few days. This enables a busy professional to resume personal and business activities almost immediately upon completion of the program.
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Is the 10-day program covered by insurance?
ExecuCare is a self-pay program. However, if requested we will provide our clients with a “Super-Bill” and the name of an insurance specialist who will advocate directly with the client’s insurance company. Depending upon policy coverage, some reimbursement may be possible and would be paid directly to the client.
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How much is the total cost of the program?
The cost is $15,000. This fee includes; 1) the 10-day, NTR Brain Restoration IV protocol, 2) 30 days of post-IV oral supplements, 3) four additional one-day, IV “boosters” (scheduled according to the needs of the client), and 4) a 60-day coaching program with one of our executive coaches to implement the customized recovery plan developed while at ExecuCare.  ExecuCare has partnered with MyTreatmentLender.com to provide loan programs for those clients needing assistance. Some medical policies may also cover part of the cost of the ExecuCare NTR IV protocol.

This is a substantial savings in time and money compared to traditional detox recovery programs such as residential or in-patient programs, which last a minimum of 28 days and often cost twice as much.
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What is the process?
Potential clients should contact ExecuCare and schedule a consultation with the center’s intake coordinator for a complete review of the NTR protocol. The client will meet with staff to provide a complete list of drugs used and all necessary background information, and an appointment will be made with our Medical Director for a physical and lab work. Based upon this medical information, an oral and IV protocol will be formulated for the client. While in our program, under doctor’s orders, a registered nurse will administer the special formula of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors both intravenously and orally during the following ten days. During the detox, the client will be continually supported by our team. During the second half of the detox process, the client will meet with one of our executive coaches for effective “next steps” planning.
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After the NTR Detox, what can a client expect?

The ExecuCare model involves addressing first the physical damage caused by chronic use of alcohol and drugs. This eliminates addictive cravings, restores clarity of mind, and creates a feeling of focused optimism. This better prepares our clients to take the next steps in the recovery process.

Following the 10-day NTR protocol, clients will no longer be physically addicted and may resume their normal business and personal activities. While the NTR process addresses the physical component of addiction, clients still need to address underlying psychological, spiritual and social issues that often lead to substance abuse. ExecuCare’s program includes 30 days of executive coaching. Our clients meet with an executive coach during the second half of our IV detox protocol to design and begin implementing the client’s next steps in recovery. This plan may include:

• Ongoing individual and/or family coaching

• AA, NA and/or other 12-step programs

• Wellness programs (nutrition and exercise)

• Counseling or psychotherapy

• Referral to an ongoing addiction program (residential, half-way house, day programs)

• And more
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What is the Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR) process used at ExecuCare?

All addictive substances like alcohol or drugs (prescription and illegal) share one thing in common. They over-stimulate certain neurotransmitter receptors found in the human brain. This is why they are desirable and addicting, but also why they cause lasting damage and dependency. Once alcohol and/or drugs are withdrawn, ExecuCare’s NTR protocol facilitates repair to these areas of the brain. The NTR protocol is the process by which the brain’s chemistry is brought back into balance, allowing the brain to function as it did prior to the physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. The NTR protocol relies upon a special formulation of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors designed to penetrate the blood brain barrier. This hyper-nutrition restores the brain more quickly than the body can do by itself. The NTR protocol speeds up the healing process, and for most clients, eliminates cravings while minimizing withdrawal symptoms.
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Does the IV and oral protocol address multiple addictions?

Yes. The NTR protocol will simultaneously address one or any combination of alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as nicotine. It is essential to complete the full 10-day protocol to successfully overcome the physical addictions to these substances. Booster sessions are available for clients who desire follow-up treatments.
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How long has this treatment been used? How safe and effective is it?

NTR was developed by Dr. William Hitt, an award-winning scientist, more than 30 years ago. There are no drugs used in the protocol that may cause negative side effects. More than 15,000 patients have been treated worldwide with a better than 80% success rate.
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How long do the results last?

While this treatment restores the body physically from the damage done by the use of alcohol and drugs, long-term success depends upon the client taking the necessary “next steps” to support their continued abstinence. This will usually involve a coaching, 12-step, wellness and/or counseling program for a period of time following the ExecuCare experience.
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Why did an investment firm owner open an addiction recovery center?

Mike Sanders, ExecuCare’s founder, sought treatment in January 2005 when his addictions were seriously affecting both his business and family life. As a successful business owner and leader in the community, he searched for an alternative treatment to the typical long-term rehabilitation options. In particular, he wanted to avoid the sometimes negative repercussions associated with more traditional treatments. With assistance from his wife, he discovered NTR, an all-natural, IV nutritional protocol that effectively eliminated his addictive urges during the course of ten days. NTR repaired the damaged areas of his brain and made it possible for Mike to return to his business and personal life. He was “cravings free’ with a renewed mental focus and clarity that made his life happy and fulfilling again. Seven years later, Mike’s investment firm continues to thrive, he is alcohol and drug free, and he’s committed to making this unique NTR protocol more broadly available to others. (Click here to read Mike Sanders’s bio)
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