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Happiness: Are Happy People Doing Something Different Than the Rest?

Self-described happy people do things differently to sustain happinessA common question that many of us find ourselves asking in this modern era is how can I find more happiness? This desired feeling of happiness is often described as “peace” or “contentedness” with one’s life. So are there secrets to being happy? Are self-described “happy” people doing something different than the rest? Maybe they are…

Psychologists are realizing that this pursuit of happiness is not just confined to America, it is a desire that can be found all over the world. In fact, most people rate happiness as being more important than becoming rich. This desire for happiness is also fueled by a growing body of research that shows happiness does not just feel good, it is good for your health, including a healthier immune system. (PsychologyToday.com)

Of course, most would agree that true happiness is more than just a rush of positive feelings. It’s rooted in genetics and personality, and research seems to support that most people have a natural set point. Meaning, a positive event might give an emotional boost but most people return to their natural set point of feelings.

Regardless, research is showing that self-described happy people do certain things that might attest to their, well, happiness. These everyday habits and choices can be practiced by anyone who is looking to improve his or her state of mind:

  • Take risks. Be curious. People who often go outside of their comfort zone and risk doing or trying something they aren’t sure they are going to like rate being happier. Not sure about a certain type of cuisine? Try it!
  • Try to see the forest through the trees. Allow yourself the opportunity to forgo so much attention to detail and try to occasionally adopt a devil-may-care attitude about performance.
  • Find a friend who isn’t jealous of your success. Friends that are there to support you when you are down are important, but so is a friend that is ready to celebrate the exciting stuff in your life.
  • Don’t hide from negative emotions. Acknowledge that life has many disappointing moments. And be prepared to let some things roll off your back without giving much thought to the them. Remember, that which is given attention, grows.
  • Work to find a balance between short term pleasure (a leisurely bath, vegging out, a good meal) and long-term purpose. Allow yourself indulgences but also be willing to sacrifice short-term happiness for long-term fulfillment. Both are important.

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