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How Can Teen Addicts Improve Their Chances of a Successful Recovery?

Teen addicts can improve their chances of a successful recovery by reaching out to help others. This could include doing general good deeds for the community, applying for a formal service position, volunteering for public outreach or sharing their stories with fellow addicts.

A group of teen addicts help each other to help themselves through a successful recoveryTeen addicts who become active in this type of helping, known in AA as AAH, are less likely to relapse and show better psychosocial improvement (Health.AM). Altruistic behavior puts their recovery into an entirely different frame of mind. This is why at ExecuCare, we consider this model of helping others to be a strong tool to incorporate into a young addicts treatment program. We have seen the tremendous benefit it has had on helping these young people to heal.

Treating any addict is a challenge, but teen addicts bring their own, unique set of obstacles. It is not always easy to get a teen addict to understand all that they must change in their life in order to have a successful recovery. And there’s a great deal of social pressure and vulnerability to conquer. But they also show a remarkable amount of resilience. When given the right tools, they can make leaps and bounds in adjusting their behaviors and attitudes necessary for a successful recovery. This is especially true once the physical aspect of addiction has been addressed, and they have the clarity of mind to do so.

A lot of parents hesitate reaching out for help, hoping that the problem will get better on its own. It rarely does. Waiting too long before taking action will only make for a more difficult recovery. Act early!

Some warning signs of drug or alcohol abuse (Teendrugabuse.org):

  • Trouble at school
  • Difficulties in relationships with family or friends
  • Legal issues
  • Mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Secrecy
  • Stealing
  • Physical changes (e.g. quick gain or loss of weight)


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