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ExecuCare’s Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment: How We Differ

ExecuCare’s Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment

How We Differ

Substance abuse treatment has traditionally been 28-day, residential treatment programs that require full-time involvement in recovery activities and extended time away from business and family. This standard of care was determined by the number of days insurance companies would pay for treatment of addiction rather than by its effectiveness. Over time, insurance coverage declined, and science gained a better understanding of the effects of addiction on the biochemistry of the brain. Breakthroughs in neurological research and the need for faster and more effective substance abuse treatments has lead to innovative treatments for addiction like Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR). Based on neuro-biological research, NTR is on the cutting-edge of addiction treatment.

Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR)

ExecuCare’s substance abuse protocol is based upon Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR), which we have found eases the symptoms of detox and accelerates the healing process of the brain. In just ten days, clients completing our program will no longer be physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. They report experiencing renewed mental clarity and optimism for ongoing recovery. Many clients find that they are able to continue with personal and business activities during their 10-day, outpatient NTR protocol.

Substance Abuse Treatment Begins with Natural Detox

Most inpatient detox programs use drugs to detox their patients. ExecuCare understands that most addicts want to be free from the tyranny of daily dependence on addicting drugs, rather than substitute one drug for another. Most inpatient detox programs rely on the use of other psycho-active medications. The programs are very short due to the high cost of inpatient hospital care and time constraints imposed by insurance companies.  The major problem with this is that physiologically the body can detox only so fast. Most opiates require six to ten days while alcohol and benzodiazepines may require even longer to be completely detoxed from the system.

ExecuCare’s natural, outpatient detox provides enough time for the body, and more specifically the brain, to begin to repair itself.  In our experience, our detox minimizes the discomfort of withdrawal (which is so often feared by the addict) and is less physically and emotionally demanding. Amino acids and other nutrients in the NTR protocol provide our clients with a feeling of renewed health and optimism. NTR prepares them for our executive coaching program, which focuses on designing a life of ultimate pleasure and meaning and provides the necessary steps to create that life. Together, the NTR protocol and executive coaching program insure better success for long-term recovery.

Benefits to Busy Professionals

Working professionals may not have the time to take 28 (some even 30, 60 or 90) days off from work in order to receive treatment. Not only is there the potential for lost income during lengthy treatment periods, but extended leaves put professionals at risk of losing business or even their jobs. This adds a great deal of stress to a person new to recovery.

ExecuCare’s 10-day, natural Neurotransmitter Restoration protocol allows clients to detox in a relatively short amount of time. Our private, outpatient program preserves our clients’ privacy. And we give them the option to work from the center while undergoing treatment.

During the ten days our clients can remain at home or stay at a local hotel. We do ask that a support person is available to be with the client in the evenings after treatment days. Compared to the overhead of the typical, inpatient treatment facility, ExecuCare is much lower, and our program more cost effective. While inpatient or residential care may be unavoidable for some people, especially the medically compromised or dually diagnosed individuals, our outpatient NTR detox and executive coaching program is a viable option for most adults and older teens.

Long-term Recovery

The NTR program at ExecuCare is a critical step in a complete solution to long-term recovery. It addresses the physical addiction and begins to restore balance to brain chemistry. This better prepares our clients to dove-tail into our executive coaching program, which provides teaching and support for long-term success in recovery. For some of our clients, we will also recommend continued support with self-help addiction groups to protect their newly found sobriety and give them a boost for staying in long-term recovery.



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