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NAD Brain Refuel™ for High-Functioning Alcoholics

NAD Brain Refuel™ for high-functioning alcoholics creates the unique advantage to detox, restore and optimize the body and brain at a cellular level.NAD Brain Refuel™ for high-functioning alcoholics is ideal because it offers an excellent opportunity to enter treatment with the advantage of addressing the physical damage of chronic use, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful recovery.

From the outside, high-functioning alcoholics might seem in control. They might have a great job, pay the bills on time, have a loving family and good friends. They are often highly motivated, intelligent individuals who like to succeed in all aspects of their life. But no one can drink heavily for a long period of time and maintain a high level of responsibility. That type of drinking will eventually catch up to you and cost you.

Signs an high-functioning alcoholic might be in need of NAD Brain Refuel™:

  • Finds any excuse to drink: to celebrate, to relief stress, to socialize, to get over a problem.
  • Has a high tolerance for drinking (often avoiding a hangover).
  • Exhibits withdrawal symptoms when not drinking (nervousness, irritibility, anxiety, sweating, tremors, etc.)
  • Has difficulty stopping drinking once they start. As a result, they often hide how much they drink.
  • Might not seem drunk to others even though there might be periods of blacking out or not remembering events of the night.
  • Denies or becomes defensive when drinking habits are questions
  • *And the biggest one: continues to drink despite the negative consequences alcohol is having on one’s life.

And for high-functioning alcoholics living in New Orleans, getting their life back on track might be a little bit harder than anticipated. According to Louisiana Health and Fitness Magazine, “New Orleans has more bars per capita than any other city in America,” making recovery and avoiding relapse all that more challenging. According to the Director of Clinical Services at the Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans (CADA), “social drinking is an ingrained part of New Orleans’ culture,” making it difficult to draw the line between social and problematic drinking, especially for those who really might need to switch gears with their drinking habits.

NAD Brain Refuel™ for high-functioning alcoholics is such a key component (especially for New Orleanians)That’s why NAD Brain Refuel™ for high-functioning alcoholics is such a key component (especially for New Orleanians). It combines the powerhouses of NAD Therapy and FastVitaminIV™ to create the unique advantage to detox, restore and optimize the body and brain at a cellular level. It is a drug-free protocol that utilizes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors, which is administered intravenously over the course of 10 days, and followed by a 2-3 minute FastVitaminIV™ intravenous-push. All of this minimizes withdrawal symptoms, significantly reduces cravings, elevates energy, increases mental clarity and enhances vitality. NAD Brain Refuel™ is that crucial first step that prepares an individual for the challenges that may lie ahead and for the life changes necessary for a successful recovery

For those already enjoying their best life in recovery, here are this month’s suggestions for healthy living in New Orleans:

D’Juice 4838 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Fresh Bar 6101 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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