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NAD Therapy’s Craving Relief

NAD therapy’s craving relief is one of its most important components. Cravings during addiction recovery are one of the biggest risk factors for relapse. They sneak up on you and can quickly make you feel lost and out of control (think walking down New Orleans’ Bourbon Street on Halloween or Mardi Gras). But learning how to deal with cravings is an important part of recovery. Our goal is to help you understand cravings, identify triggers, avoid cues, and manage with coping skills. With of course the biggest support being NAD therapy’s relief from cravings. NAD therapy’s craving relief is one of its most important components.

Cravings can be the brain’s way of remembering a habit or behavior that has been repeated many times. They are often normal in early recovery and do pass, even the ones that feel quite strong. But cravings also tell us what our body is lacking and needs. For someone who has struggled with substance abuse, their body is often deficient in vitamins, minerals and more. So this needs to be addressed in early recovery to help the body heal from the damage and be more resistant to cravings.

It’s important to recognize the times that your cravings are strongest. Begin to identify what are known as the “triggers” for your cravings. And in early recovery, as you heal and build coping skills, it’s best to avoid your triggers as much as possible. One crucial coping skill is healthy substitutions. When you feel the urge go for a walk, practice meditation, or call a friend. Do something that helps you feel positive and relieves stress.

We also strongly encourage those who struggle with substance abuse to begin their recovery with NAD therapy (like ExecuCare’s NTR Brain Restoration). This nutrition-assisted detox utilizes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors to flush out stored drugs from the body and its organs (in days rather than weeks or months), replenish balance in the brain, and reverse damage of chronic use. Because it is received directly through an IV, the nutrients bypass the stomach and go directly to the receptors in the brain. Research has shown that NAD therapy increases the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters in the brain known to be effective in correcting specific chemical imbalances. One of the results of this is a significant reduction in withdrawal symptoms and relief from cravings.

Reach out to one of our specialists to learn more about how to build your coping skills and utitlize the benefits of NAD therapy’s craving relief. For those enjoying their best life in recovery, here are this month’s suggestions for healthy living in New Orleans:

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