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Recovery in New Orleans: Giving up Booze after Mardi Gras

Recovery in New Orleans after Mardi Gras: the Boeuf Gras float has passed, Rex toasted, and the King Cake is gone, are you unable to end the party?This is the time of year that Recovery in New Orleans discusses giving up booze after Mardi Gras. Not only is it the end of an indulgent time of year for the city and its people, but for some it marks the beginning of Lent when they try (and in the past often failed) to quit alcohol on their on. If you keep finding yourself in this cycle, read on to discover how to obtain a healthy recovery in New Orleans.

After the Boeuf Gras float has passed, the king of Rex has toasted, and the last of the King Cake devoured, many find themselves the Wednesday after Fat Tuesday unable to end the party. In a city like New Orleans, the line between social drinking and a drinking problem is not always easily defined. When everything is an occasion for a party, when does the party become a problem?

The answer is surprising simple: drinking becomes a problem when it disrupts your work and personal life. If you are continuing to use alcohol despite the negative effects it is having on your life, then it’s a problem. And it might be worth speaking with a specialist to help you evaluate the situation and get a handle of things.

If Mardi Gras marked a point in your life when you said, enough is enough. Or a loved one has said, I’m ready for this to end. If you find that giving up alcohol during this Lenten season is causing unbearable cravings or you are having trouble going at it alone, let us help you get control of the situation. We have an excellent team of people ready to help you figure out the type of treatment plan that would work best for you in a city as unique as New Orleans.

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