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How to Stay Sober for the Holidays?

How to stay sober for the holidays? If you need someone to talk to, feel free to contact any of our addiction specialists: 877-276-2224.How to stay sober for the holidays? The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. This is especially true for those in recovery. Whether you’re new to sobriety or well-established, there are some strategies to help you stay sober for the holidays.

Crazy in-laws, stressful family dynamics and multiple parties often with drugs or alcohol present, could be a recipe for disaster. But remember these tips to help you stay sober this Thanksgiving:

1. Practice mindfulness. Wake-up in the morning and set an intention for the day. Remind yourself how good it feels to be sober. Practicing gratitude is also important. Before you slide out of bed, think of one thing you are thankful for.

2. Set realistic expectations and don’t put yourself in compromising situations that you aren’t ready for. Even if this means not inviting a difficult relative, limiting time with troublesome people, or skipping a party all together.

3. Make plans. Sitting around with little to do but talk can be a recipe for disaster. Decide on a few things that might be fun to do like go see a movie after you eat your turkey dinner, break out the board games, go for a walk, or see what local events are happening around you.

4. Have an exit strategy. If you decide to brave some of the more stressful holiday events in your life, make sure you have an exit strategy plan in case it becomes too much. Even something as simple as going for a walk for some fresh air or calling a friend can be helpful.

5. Keep your support lines open. Make sure you have people that you can reach out to over the holidays. And don’t wait until you need them to find out if they are available. Speak with your support people before hand and let them know you are counting on them if things get rough for you. You can also look up meetings or support groups near where you are traveling. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to contact any of our addiction specialists.

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