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Why is the New Year’s Resolution to Quit Drinking So Hard?

Hint: It’s not a lack of willpower that makes it so hard to quit drinking.

A common resolution made as the New Year rolls in, is to quit drinking. But like many resolutions made with the best intent, the end of January often finds people struggling to reach their goal of sobriety. Why is this? Why is it so hard to quit drinking? Why is it so hard to quit drinking? When should you seek help for your New Year's Resolution? And how can NAD Brain Refuel™ be a great first step?

It’s important to stress that being unable to stop drug or alcohol use on one’s own is not because of a lack of willpower or moral failing (Psychology Today, 2012). To understand what you’re up against, you have to realize what  alcohol does to your brain. It hijacks the reward center of your brain, the part that controls motivation, desire, pleasure, memory, impulse. All of the things you need working for you, are working against you because of an imbalance in your brain chemistry caused by chronic use of alcohol.

Why are cravings such a threat to sobriety?

Once you quit drinking, you are left with CRAVINGS! Intense, overpowering cravings. This is because your brain chemistry has gotten used to being supported by artificial means (alcohol) and is left disrupted. Also, prolonged use of alcohol means your brain has had plenty of time to establish environmental cues called triggers. These can include familiar places, people, images, sounds, smells, etc. that cause intense cravings. Cravings are the biggest threat to sobriety. And it’s impossible to avoid all triggers in your life. So it’s important to remember that it’s not just about giving up a substance, you also need to gain the things that will protect you and help you heal.

When should I seek professional help?

The answer to when to seek professional help, is anytime, but especially early and when your desire to quit drinking is so strong. Professional support can help guide you through the physical, psychological, behavioral and social steps that help promote a successful recovery. At ExecuCare, we recommend starting with NAD Brain Refuel™, which is a protocol that combines the powerhouses of NAD Therapy and FastVitaminIV™ to create a truly unique and advantageous approach to detox and cellular repair. This strategy helps your body safely detox from alcohol while helping the brain to rebalance and heal itself. And by addressing this physical aspect first, you better enable yourself to make the necessary changes for long-term success. Reach out to one of our specialists for more information.

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