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Teen Stress: What are the Risks? What to Look Out For?

Teen stress is unavoidable, but there are healthy ways to cope that don't include turning to drugs or alcohol or putting a teen's health and safety at risk. Teen stress can be a powerful force in a young person’s life. It can be caused by school work, home life, social pressure, and the general flux of hormones and growth they undergo at this time. Stress is a very normal part of a teen’s life, and there is no way to completely avoid it. But how teen stress is managed is what’s important.

There are healthy ways to cope with teen stress like listening to music, playing sports or even watching TV. But often in order to deal with the mounting stress, teens turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. Not only does this put their imminent health and safety at risk, but it puts them at risk for developing dependencies to drugs or alcohol later in life. Read more

Teens and Drugs: Making Sure Your Home is a Safe Haven

Teen looks in medicine cabinet at prescription drug bottles. When it comes to teens and drugs, how can you make sure that your home is a safe haven? Keep any prescription drugs in a secure place. When it comes to teens and drugs, how can you make sure that your home is a safe haven? Talking to your kids about drugs is important at any age, but teens are especially susceptible to drug use because of peer pressure and high stress levels. Teens look to their parents to set a good example for how they should conduct their lives. They count on their parents to be their support system and to help them create a positive home environment that encourages an open dialogue about drugs. Read more

What’s the Best Strategy to Preventing Drug Abuse?

Adolescence is a crucial time to preventing drug abuse.Adolescence is a crucial time to preventing drug abuse. Studies show us that the earlier someone uses drugs or alcohol the more at risk they are for developing serious addiction problems later in life.  There are many variables that affect teens that make them vulnerable to drug abuse such as: the desire to engage in risky behavior, their brain’s judgement and decision-making skills are still developing, and it’s a natural time of transition for them.

This is why the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) started National Drug Facts Week this week in 2010. The goal of this week is to shatter the myths surrounding drug use that teens get from the internet, TV, movies, music or from other teens, and work towards preventing drug abuse among teens. It offers teens, their teachers and parents resources to learn what science has taught us about drug use and addiction. And what they’re finding is that teens who are equipped with this knowledge make more informed and responsible decisions when it comes to drug use. Visit their website for easy accessible information and have your teen take the National Drug IQ Test. Read more

Teens: The Back to School Edition

KidsBack to school can be a crazy time for parents and teens. It often means the start of a new school year, hectic scheduling, new friends, maybe a new school, football games, dances, extracurricular activities, and the possibility of peer pressure and/or risky behavior. So I’ve compiled some basics on how to help steer your teens away from drugs and alcohol as they head back to school.

Top issues facing teens as they head back to school (this is especially true for teens making the large leap from junior high to high!): Read more


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