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Drug Facts about Marijuana: Are More Young Adults Reporting Driving Drunk or Stoned?

New drug facts about marijuana found that college males were more likely to drive after smoking marijuana than drinking. How can NTR help?New drug facts about marijuana found that college males were more likely to drive after smoking marijuana than to drive after drinking. A new study by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst found that 44 percent of college males admitted to driving after smoking pot in April 2014, compared to 12 percent who said they drove after drinking (www.drugfree.org).

The study included 315 students from two large state universities. 30 percent of the males said they used pot in the month of April, compared to 13 percent of the females. 67 percent of the males said they drank alcohol in the previous month and 64 percent of females said they did. The study also found the 9 percent of college females reported driving after smoking pot, while 35 percent of them said they rode with a drugged driver. For every 1 percent increase in the number of students who smoked pot there was a 2 percent increase in the risk of riding with a drugged driver. (JAMA Pediatrics: http://archpedi.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1870231)

We need to stress to young adults how risky it is to drive while stoned or after smoking pot. This is especially true since many of them are inexperienced drivers to begin with so the risk of a crash increases even more. Marijuana use is more difficult to detect in a driver than alcohol but it can still negatively impact a driver. Smoking pot before driving can impair the following:

  • Delayed reaction time
  • Divided attention, impaired vision
  • Impaired tracking and steering
  • Impiared eye movement control, steadiness and emergency response
  • Slowed information processing and judgement
  • Impaired concentration, attention and speed control

Drug facts about marijuana: Signs that your driver might be stoned:

  • They smell of pot.
  • They have red, bloodshot eyes
  • They might be giddy or very tired.
  • They might be paranoid or very anxious.
  • They might be hungry for any food they can get their hands on
  • They might display any sign of impairment or intoxication


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