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Mike Sanders

Mike Sanders Director of ExecuCareMike Sanders – Owner

Mike Sanders is the founder and co-owner of ExecuCare Addiction Recovery Center. He also owns a financial services firm in New Orleans specializing in retirement solutions.  ExecuCare’s story began in January 2005 when Mike’s career and personal life were jeopardized by his addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. At the suggestion of his wife, Kevin Sanders, he sought treatment for his dependency and found an alternative to the typical “white knuckle” detox that many dread, and few complete successfully. He underwent Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR) treatment that included a 10-day IV of amino acids, vitamins and minerals tailored specifically for Mike’s particular addictions and medical make-up.

Despite the fact that he drank and took Oxycontin up until a few hours before beginning NTR, Mike began feeling the positive results of the treatment within the first three days. He lost his craving for drugs and alcohol almost immediately and successfully completed the 10-day protocol. His withdrawal experience was like a very mild case of the flu.

Mike’s clarity of mind improved tremendously and his physical health returned steadily with the assistance of a monthly booster at the clinic. He was amazed at how quickly and effectively this little-known treatment method worked, and he was motivated to share it with others. As a successful business owner and leader in the community, Mike also understood the unique needs of business professionals and their desire to avoid the sometimes negative repercussions associated with more traditional treatments.

Hurricane Katrina and almost a year of sobriety brought Mike the opportunity to temporarily relocate to his hometown of Atlanta and open a recovery center there in order to deliver to other business executives the same results that he had achieved. In November 2005, he established New Life Treatment, LLC, and set out to open his first ExecuCare Addiction Recovery Center™ to help executives overcome their alcohol and drug dependencies.

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