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Neurotransmitter Restoration for Detox from Addiction

What Nobody Tells You About the
Most Important First Step in Recovery.

(And Why Many Addiction Recovery and Detox
Programs Fail When They Overlook This Key to Success.)

ExecuCare offers Neurotransmitter Restoration for detox from addiction. Our detox is based upon an all-natural Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR) protocol that utilizes a special formula of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and co-factors, which repairs the damage done to the brain as a result of chronic use. The formula is administered intravenously and orally over a 10-day period by a registered nurse, under doctor’s orders.

The fact is, chronic addiction damages the neuro-receptor sites in the brain. Neurotransmitter repair is the key to lasting success in any detox and recovery program.

NTR is the process by which the brain’s neurotransmitters are brought back into balance, allowing the brain to function as it did prior to the physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. The NTR protocol speeds up the healing process while eliminating cravings and minimizing withdrawal symptoms.

Who can we help with Neurotransmitter Restoration for detox from addiction?

ExecuCare’s all-natural Neurotransmitter Restoration (NTR) protocol addresses all prescription and non-prescription drug dependencies, as well as alcohol and nicotine addictions. NTR helps individuals discontinue the use of drugs or alcohol, while repairing the damage done to the brain as a result of chronic use.

Studies presented at the Society for Neurosciences have shown NTR to be highly successful in minimizing withdrawal symptoms, significantly reducing cravings, anxiety and depression, normalizing stress levels, and restoring a sense of well-being and clarity of mind.

What makes ExecuCare different from other alcohol and drug treatment programs?

About 97% of all treatment centers today are based on the 12- step approach to addiction and concentrate solely on the psychological and social aspects of the disease. ExecuCare is the first recovery center in the state of Georgia to focus on the physical damage that has been done to the brain through the chronic use of drugs or alcohol.

Neurotransmitter Restoration is the process by which the brain’s neurotransmitters are brought back into balance, allowing the brain to function as it did prior to the physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. NTR speeds up the healing process and eliminates cravings, while minimizing withdrawal symptoms.

Why is ExecuCare such an effective alternative for business professionals?

ExecuCare understands the challenges faced by busy professionals. Most traditional addiction recovery programs can be lengthy and disruptive. ExecuCare’s discreet, “outpatient” process lasts only ten days and allows clients to return home or to their hotel at night. While receiving the intravenous NTR protocol, clients can relax in a room equipped with a flat screen television, DVD player, a wide selection of movies, satellite channels, and iPods. The client can also choose to work and utilize wireless internet access, a conference room or a private office. Withdrawal symptoms are minimal and most will experience significant reduction in or complete removal of cravings within a few days. This enables a busy professional to resume personal and business activities almost immediately upon completion of the treatment.

What are the next steps following the 10-day protocol?

While at our facility, a thorough life evaluation is administered and a unique coaching plan is developed that will best serve the “next step” needs of each of our clients.

When the ExecuCare NTR protocol precedes other recovery processes, individuals experience much higher success rates in long-term recovery.

Clients completing the NTR protocol regularly report both surprise and enthusiasm about their reduction in cravings and optimism about engaging in the next steps in their recovery process. By addressing the physical form of the disease first with NTR, an individual is more likely to engage in the next phases of recovery, and be better prepared to make the necessary psychological, behavioral and spiritual changes.


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