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Sobriety and Joy: Gearing Up for the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, here are tips for keeping sobriety and joy during the holidays.With the holiday season in full swing, I recently did a guest blog post for SoberNation.com called “Gearing up for the Holidays,” which discusses how to keep sobriety and joy during the holiday season.

“The holiday season can be a difficult time for anyone, especially someone in recovery or new to recovery.  Aside from a schedule often riddled with trigger-filled parties, there is the added stress of money, work, and family this time of year. Money seems to be tight, deadlines loom before the first of the year, and families (in which relationships can be strained from years of alcohol and drug abuse) are expected to come together and be merry. It can be a recipe for disaster, which is why you have to prepare!” To read the rest of the article click over to the Sober Nation’s website here: http://www.sobernation.com/gearing-holidays/.

I also came across these great tips for keeping sobriety and joy during the holidays from the blog Focused and Free:

1. Line up extra recovery-promoting activities during the holiday season. Maybe plan extra AA meetings or take a new class at the gym. Plan it with a friend to make it more fun. Stay busy so you don’t sit home and brood. Or enjoy some of the down time for a little R&R and self-pampering.

2. Host a party with the new friends you’ve made in your sober life. We have a list of mocktail recipes here.

3. Keep your recovery resources close. Have someone you can call anytime you need extra support.

4. Try to attend a party or celebration in your community. Maybe it’s a dinner at your church or community center or a toy drive. Find a way to help or bring a friend.

5. If you don’t feel ready to be around triggers avoid parties where there will be drugs or alcohol. If you do go, have an exit strategy for when you are ready to leave or if it becomes too much.

6. Find ways to celebrate this holiday season that make you comfortable. Lower the social bar. Worship in ways that you need. It’s ok if you maybe can’t give big gifts this year or need to limit your family time. There is always next year.

7. Enjoy this beautiful time of year with the sobriety that you have worked hard for. Be grateful for how far you have come and look forward to another great year. Peace, love and joy.




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